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October 7 ,2017

SMILab welcomes inquiring students and families to the Engineering Open House with HoloLens technology and shake table demos.

October 3, 2017

UNM students learn how to design and analyze railroad timber bridges in the structural design class at UNM. Their project was to build a timber trestle that they designed.

September 29, 2017

Jack Noren from Shore Western visits SMILab for the large shake table installation and introduces earthquake engineering testing and design concepts to the architecture and landscape graduate students of Professor Mark Stone. Great questions from a great class!

September 22, 2017

Dr. Takehiko Asai, from the University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba (Japan), visited SMILab for three days and presented the seminar “Potential Applications of Tuned Inertial Mass Electromagnetic Transducers”, at the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Student Chapter (President Drew Hirdman, SMILab member)

September 21, 2017

Bridge Engineer Kathy Crowell from the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) teaching bridge engineering to UNM engineers at CE410 structural engineering design and visits SMILab

September 20, 2017

Dr. Ali Ozdagli, post-doc fellow at SMILab, presented his research to UNM graduate students at the graduate seminar class from Dr. John Stormont. Dr. Ali gave advice to graduate students about how to find a job after school.

September 20, 2017: Salt Lake City, UT

New Mexico Tech Dr. Don Ryu (SMILab collaborator) and Dr. Bideng Liu at the Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems (SMASIS). Dr. Liu chaired one session and presented one paper on reference-free displacement sensors. Great place and company for a research meeting!

September 19, 2017: Indianapolis, IN

SMILab members presented two papers at AREMA 2017. In this picture, SMILab reunion: Dr. Moreu, Dr. Ali, and Jose Gomez (SMILab MS 2017, now working for Heuristic Actions, Inc. at Las Vegas, NV). Great feedback from the railway engineering community to both papers!

September 13, 2017: Palo Alto, California

LANL’s Dr. David Mascarenas (SMILab collaborator) and Dr. Moreu presented one paper on augmented reality, one poster on confined sensing underground, and competed for “SHM in Action” at the International Workshop for Structural Health Monitoring (IWSHM) at Stanford, CA. Great feedback from the IWSHM participants.

September 5, 2017

Augmenting Realities with Menaul School’s two hundred students! Great pool of future engineers!!

September 1, 2017: Santa Fe, NM

Teaching structural engineering outside the classroom: Loretto Chapel Miraculous Staircase and wood engineering (with Richard Lindsey); Biocultura and masonry engineering (with UNM Professor Andrea Polli); NM bridges design (with NMDOT bridge engineer Kathy Crowell)


August 25, 2017

Measuring reference-free displacements with a laser carried by Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). Transportation Research Board (TRB) SAFETY IDEA Project (National Academy of Science)

August 22, 2017

Patrick Hughes (PhD student with Professor Gilberto Mosqueda at UCSD) presented “Pounding of Base-Isolated Buildings to Bumper-Protected Moat Walls” with the EERI Chapter (president Drew Harding, SMILab member)

February 11, 2017

Shreya Vemuganti wins 2nd place in UNM STEM research symposium

January 29, 2017

Dr. Fernando Moreu and Piyush Garg presented three papers from SMILab at XXXV IMAC

January 27, 2017

Tom Paez visits Department of Civil Engineering and SMILab

January 26, 2017

SMILab member Jose Alberto Gomez is going to defend his Master's Thesis on February 16, 2017 in room CENT 3031 at 11 AM. He has been offered a civil engineering position in 'Heuristic Actions'.

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Welcome to the Smart Management of Infrastructure Laboratory (SMILab) at the University of New Mexico (UNM)! Our research group aims to develop the use of next-generation smart sensing technologies and strategies towards safer, cost-effective, resilient and sustainable structures. We are interested in monitoring and assessing structures subjected to dynamic loading and hazards, unusual stress levels, and extreme loading events. Our research topics involve wireless smart sensing, structural health monitoring, cost-effective prioritization of assets, structural modeling and validation, existing structure field monitoring and assessment, and laboratory testing and validation of structural systems under dynamic loading.

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