Our research team is interested to develop sensors for all. Since 2015, SMILab leads the design, development, implementation of sensors. Take Structural Dynamics class this Spring 2021 and your first homework will be to build your own sensor in the classroom. The next homework will be to use it to measure vibrations of your own interest. To date there are more than 100+ LEWIS across USA, Asia and Europe. We teach in UNM’s structural dynamics class every Spring as well as during the summer  for high schools. We have also offered a LEWIS course at the International Modal Analysis Conference. Be sure to check how we connect LEWIS with AR, and our space and tramway research for field implementations. If you want to learn how we use LEWIS to teach Cyber-security in collaboration with the Office of Naval Research, check our Cyber-security link.



We are working the Pueblo of Ohkay Owingeh and the National Science Foundation and Low-Cost Efficient Wireless Intelligent Sensors (LEWIS) to enhancing community resilience where the sensor solutions are designed and built by the community. This represents a paradigm shift and a novel approach to smart and connected communities. The communities now will be designing and developing their own sensors/solutions they chose. In this proposal, Pueblo communities will design, build and implement their own LEWIS networks. These self-built distributed sensor networks will inform communities of trends and thresholds in landscapes that can assist in managing wildfires and providing early warning when fires and floods occur. This project’s long-term vision is to develop a Nationwide community of practice that shares ideas, designs, and applications for resilience in Tribal communities by co-developing capacity and communications related to sensor networks and decision- support tools. You can read more about this project here. If successful, they will deploy dozens/hundreds of LEWIS networks for their own use. We will ensure the project is sustainable and community centered, motivated by their needs/interests and knowledge. Please contact fmoreu@unm.edu if you want to help us design and develop LEWIS with our knowledgeable Native American partners.