SMIWeb Workshop¬†–¬†Jul 2020

TRB Rail SAFETY IDEA – Oct 2019

TRB Rail SAFETY IDEA – Sep 2019

Human-machine Interfaces – Jun 2018

SMILab Tram Sensor Project High School Outreach – Jun 27, 2018

Over the summer, SMI Lab did outreach to high school students to introduce them to a variety of sensors using the Raspberry Pi and Arduio in order to get them engaged in science and get excited about college. We hooked accelerometers into some of the tram cars at the Sandia Tram station, the longest tram in the world. Students learned how to assemble their own sensors, and were able to take live measurements of the tram as it made its way back and forth to the top of the the Sandia Mountains.

CE 521 Structural Dynamics Class at UNM Arduino Development – Spring, 2018

Summer Transportation Institute – 2017

Drone Launch TRB Safety IDEA – Aug, 2017

Rocket Launch of Wireless Sensors for SMH – 2017


SMILab Intern Presentations – July 14, 2017

James – Native American Community Academy

Erik Moreno – School of Dreams Academy


STEAM-H event by SMILab in collaboration with EERI – Fall, 2016


High school student Manny’s presentation at the end of SMILab Summer Camp – Summer, 2016


STEM class, Shake it up in Engineering – Spring, 2016